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Temporary Upgrades

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The Process
Temporary upgrades occur when an employee is assigned, temporarily, the full set of duties of a job in a higher classification due to the absence of another employee. The employee is no longer performing his/her own duties but rather is working temporarily in a higher level position. This most often occurs in the crafts and trades area where an employee would take on the supervisory role in the absence of the sub-foreman or foreman.

Important Rules
The following are Civil Service rules regarding temporary upgrades:

The Procedure
Temporary upgrade jobs are added at the department through an HR Front End transaction. 

Adding a Temporary Upgrade Job
Transaction Type – Add a job
Routing required – Department, College, HR
Documents to attach – none

HR Front End procedure (details – steps)

  1. Find employee, go to ERV
  2. Make note of the employee's current position number
  3. Select Add a Job transaction
  4. Go though wizard to end up with the job e-class that matches the employees primary job
  5. Enter in the Temporary Upgrade job effective date
  6. Enter in the employees current position number
  7. Select the third radio button (Add a new job with this Position Number and a new Suffix)
  8. Position Data screen appears - DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES - go to bottom of the screen and click Continue
  9. Enter in suffix of T1, T2 etc., whichever is appropriate
  10. Job FTE – zero
  11. Job Type – overload
  12. Hourly rate to match upgrade rate
  13. Select Job Change reason – JB004 (Add Temporary Upgrade Job)
  14. Verify Job Labor Distribution
  15. Enter comments – click Add
  16. Click Continue
  17. Click Route
  18. Click Take Ownership
  19. Click Route
  20. Click Take Ownership
  21. Click Route (should be at Campus HR stop)